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ACC Guidelines

Click on the above link to view the ACC Guidelines. Revised August 2012
Form A - Construction Agreement for Single Family Residence
Form C - Construction Agreement for Alteration, Addition, and/or Landscaping
Form D - Submittal Form and Application
Form E - Administrative Approval
Exterior paint colors in the above link have been pre-approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). If you choose a color not on the approved list, you will be required to paint samples directly onto two different sides of your home for the committee to review, prior to approval. Your home will be inspected at the completion of your painting project. If the color does not match the ACC approved sample, you will be required to re-paint your home, with the approved color, and at your own expense. Paint should be of flat or satin sheen only. Bright or glossy will not be permitted. Due to the variance in monitor screens, colors represented may appear different from the actual color. All paint colors are Sherwin-Williams.