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River Meadows Committees
The committees listed below are currently chartered by the RMHOA Board of Directors to help govern the River Meadows Community. If you have any concerns or suggestions or are interested in volunteering to help on any committee, please contact the HOA office or Board Liaison.
Architectural Control Committee
The River Meadows Architectural Control Committee (ACC) was established to enhance consistency and assure compliance and equity in the implementation of policies, plans, declarations, covenants, restrictions and other documentation governing the physical development of River Meadows. The conservation of River Meadows, as an unusually attractive private community in which to live in, is dependent largely upon the melding of continuous design excellence with a sensitivity to and protection of the natural environment. The Committee serves as an arm of the Board of Directors.
Board Liaison: Dan Fullerton
Health and Safety Committee 
Board Liaison: Dan Fullerton
Strategy and Finance Committee 
This committee, formerly known as Budget Committee, will collaborate with the Operations Manager and other committees to put together resources for community projects, assist in the what/when/how aspects of spending, and create schedules and the priority of each project of River Meadows. The chair of the Strategy and Finance Committee shall be a Board Member.
Board Liaison: Terry Vermillion